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BioTrillion is a healthtech startup leveraging AI-based computer vision at the intersection of physiology to advance healthcare
— via "Digital Biomarkers".

What If...

…the smartphone already in your pocket could measure signs for multiple potential diseases – in parallel, earlier – from just a 5 second "Healthy Selfie"™.

Your eyes and face contain more features about your health than any other visible area on your entire body — when were yours last measured?

BioTrillion's approach to innovation flips the traditional Life Sciences paradigm yielding tremendous synergies for multiple digital biomarkers to prevent, detect, and intervent many diseases and disorders.

Our first 5 digital biomarkers "unlock windows into the brain, heart, and lungs," that signal disease expressing features via distinct anatomic pathways in the eyes, face, hand.  And we're just getting started...

There is a Better Way.

Globally And Annually, Trillions of Dollars are Ineffectively Spent on Healthcare and Trillions of Life Data Points Are Ineffectively Connected to our Health.

The world so often thinks of Healthcare as an industry, that it tends to forget about Healthcare as a purpose.

Healthcare should be viewed as a time journey through the lens of every individual human life across three key chronological phases: the "Prevention," "Detection" and "Intervention" of diseases.

The Healthcare Continuum
1% spent in medical setting

We spend less than 1% of our time in a medical setting and hope the medical data generated there will lead to enhanced outcomes.  Medical data is abundant, but its format is siloed, unstructured, and intermittent. 
As a result, a massive amount of medical data is not being adequately connected to our healthcare.  Medical settings offer access to tremendous medical experience and clinically validated diagnostics; however, their utility will always be fundamentally limited to 1% across a health-time continuum.

99% of time spend outside of medical setting

The life setting provides access to that other 99% of time.  It is during this massive observational window where the signs of developing diseases will be expressed, but will often go undetected, yielding both clinical and economic opportunities for much more effective (frequent, objective, quantitative) and scalable (accessible, affordable, convenient) consumer health solutions. 
We believe health solutions of the future will come from within the life setting, via life data (sensor-measured information generated from and around life) and its computationally analytic conversion to digital biomarkers.


"Data from Life.  Data for Life."™

Every human generates massive amounts of life data that will unlock novel health insights & interventions.

We are developing a mobile health technology platform called BioEngine4D™ – to digitally detect drugs & diseases – by measuring data from life, analyzing it through computational advancements in machine vision and artificial intelligence, and applying it back for life.

Data from Life.  Data for Life.

Our Current Focus

We are focused on digital biomarkers of many diseases that express in the eyes and face, are visually observable, and measurable with only a current smartphone camera – for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.


"Healthy Selfie"™

What if 1 billion people could be empowered with access to real-time and longitudinal health insights, simply by taking 5 second selfies — using only the smartphone already in their pocket.

Your eyes and face contain more information about your health than any other visible area on your entire body.

Contactless is the new Noninvasive.

The intersection of the technological modality (optical) and anatomic region (face) occurs naturally in your daily lives.  In fact, you "look" at the solution every day, sometimes 100+ times per day!   It's time to leverage it for applications that benefit your health.

And importantly, our BioEngine4D technology platform has been architected from Day 1 with your privacy and security in mind, by extracting your digital biomarkers locally on the smartphone's GPU, with your selfie scans never needing to leave your device.

Healthy Selfie

A More Compelling Value Proposition.

Smartphone cameras and its other optical modality hardware are being advanced with every annual upgrade cycle, and to get consumers excited about upgrading to annual advancements in camera technology we belieive will soon require a radically new killer application: Healthcare.

Smartphone Advancements

BioTrillion's First 5 Digital Biomarkers.

Our first five digital biomarkers – "PxR," "hTremor," "iTremor," "fHR," and fSpO2" – uses your smartphone to analyze a 5+ second selfie video you take using our BioEngine4D app, to measure the "health trifecta" functions of your 3 most important organs — your brain, heart, lungs — and potential developing diseases and disorders from multiple distinct anatomic pathways: PxR (via the pupil), hTremor (via the hand (indirectly)), iTremor (via the eyeball), fHR (via the face), and fSpO2 (via the face).

This is just the beginning of our portfolio of disease detecting digital biomarkers that stem from the quantitative measurements of multiple spatiotemporal disease expressing features via the eyes and face embedded in everyday "selfies" — even retrospectively!

More about BioEngine4D

The Future of Healthcare.

Take a moment to think about how today’s healthcare system attempts to detect developing diseases, or measure drug safety and efficacy endpoints in trials...

...And how we could in the future…

Your Brain

"Data from Life.  Data for Life."™

BioTrillion is on a mission to unlock the power of smartphone technology to enable 1B ordinary consumers with the ability to measure extraordinary health insights.

Advances in technology have amplified our individual capabilities in many domains, and healthcare should be no exception.  After all, no one will care more for your health than yourself.

BioTrillion, Inc. began in 2018 with our headquarters in San Francisco, CA.  We are reimagining Life Sciences through the fundamental principles of many sciences.

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